How Innovational Leadership Characteristics Are Integrated Into Current Leadership Programs

Following the tremendous response to our research and webinar about Innovational Leadership, we received requests to investigate further. Specifically, our audience wanted to know if the traits we identified translate to teachable skills and, if so, how many companies currently include these skills in their Leadership Development programs. Innovational Leadership Phase II is the result […]


An Experiential Learning Experience for All

Digital transformation is a necessary disruption to increase efficiency and productivity at the workplace. However, the rapid surge of software applications in enterprises has left employees overwhelmed with ‘technostress’ and a widening skills gap. Furthermore, the pandemic forces L&D leaders to react quicker especially with technologies changing at breakneck speed. As new ways of working […]


20 Ways You Can Go Micro

Microlearning is one of the least understood trends in workplace training today. Everyone wants to go micro and many of us have already done so. But going micro is more than just delivering bite-sized content. There are many different use cases and formats for microlearning, so everyone says they’re using microlearning, but they are all […]


Harnessing the Power of Virtual Learning

Learning is a process that occurs over time, and the coronavirus pandemic has raised the profile of virtual learning. The key to harnessing the power of virtual learning is in its design. Virtual learning gives us the ability to space learning out, expanding the opportunities to leverage methods that enhance the learning process. Join us […]


A Modern Learning Approach That Can Speed Up Your Transformation

When you hear change and transformation, do you still imagine turning the giant ship? In today’s world, you can’t afford to wait years for culture transformation to happen. Join Abbott and BTS as we share how one of the world’s largest healthcare organizations took a simple, scaled approach to upskilling and culture transformation -- and […]


The Decision Economy: How to Unleash Training Intelligence for Data-Driven Decision Making in Your Business

Enterprise training has become a sophisticated locus of talent management innovation, driving business success. Among training teams in leading organizations, the accessibility, analysis, and utilization of a well-crafted data architecture fuels and informs this innovation, not only for the training function but for the success of the business as a whole. You’ve got the data, […]


12 Second Culture: How to Operate Like a Nascar Pit Crew

With speed being the new currency of business, it is important now, more than ever, to operate like the most efficient team in the country — a NASCAR pit crew. However, increased speed is not all about process — it is about elevating people over process and inspiring human brilliance. So, how do we build […]


2022 Breakfast Club: Inspiring Learners’ Spirit of Inquiry

"Spirit of inquiry" is generally defined as a persistent sense of curiosity that informs both learning and practice. How can learning leaders cultivate a psychologically safe environment where learners feel comfortable being their authentic selves and questioning the status quo, ultimately driving organizational innovation and creativity?

Critical Strategies: Building the Learning Organization of the Future

What strategies, technologies, and trends will underpin the successful learning organization of the future? In November 2021 and March 2022, we brought together 25 CLO-level practitioners in learning, and 10 of our own learning experts, to answer this question. As a team, we created a recipe for success and built a model for the future. […]


5 Ways Learning Analytics Can Transform your Business

Learning analytics has a reputation for being complex and challenging. But what if you ignore the technicalities and look at the stories that data can tell? In this talk, we look at five ways global enterprises used their learning analytics platform to improve, adapt and transform areas of their business in very different circumstances. In […]

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