Make Skill Management Matter

Skills and skill management are among the hottest topics in talent management right now. Do you know what ELSE is important to make skill management provide a positive impact on talent processes? Join us to find out how to: Know what skills are important and when to broadcast them. Build a culture of continuous development […]


2022 Breakfast Club: From 2022 to Future-Ready

Many lessons have emerged or been underscored during the past couple years, but one of the biggest is that change is the only constant - and rather than fear it, we must embrace it in order to thrive. But how can organizations prepare for an uncertain future and ensure their people are positioned for success, […]

Building a Coachability Culture: A New Catalyst for Impact

In recent years, organizations have invested heavily in building coaching cultures. One of the most robust recent global studies cites nearly $3 billion dollars spent annually for organizational coaching initiatives, such as coach-skills training for managers. To maximize the impact of coaching practices and cultures, some innovative and dynamic organizations are starting to add a […]


The State of Learning Analytics: Views from 1000 L&D Professionals

What is the current state of learning analytics? Is measurement that drives data-driven decisions a pipedream or a reality? In 2021 Watershed, LEO Learning, and CLO surveyed 1000+ L&D leaders and professionals to gain valuable insights into current capabilities and the desired future state of learning analytics within global organizations. Our findings set out the […]


From Resistance to Acceptance: How to Implement Change Management

Change can be scary. But do you know what’s scarier? Not recognizing why, when and how people respond to change. Even scarier is its potential impact on a healthy work environment. In this session, we will uncover the dynamics behind why people react the way they do to change and evaluate the spectrum of emotions […]


2022 Breakfast Club: The Key to Enterprise Agility: A Culture of Learning

Agile companies can react faster, adapt more rapidly to meet the evolving demands of the business landscape and leverage new ideas for a competitive edge, resulting in increased innovation. A recent Deloitte study found that companies with a continuous learning culture are more than 46 percent more likely to be first to market, 36 percent […]

Save Money and Deliver More with Peer Learning

When budgets are tight and headcount is down or constrained, where do companies go to impact customer success and business results? The learning and development team. However, they are in the same situation. The answer is to drive training through subject matter expert-led peer learning, where employees get involved to help increase productivity and efficiency. […]


Creating a Strong Company Culture and Future Leaders at TD Bank

Join us as we speak with Jennifer Young, Executive Vice President of Human Resources at TD Bank, about improving company culture and building the right skills for a leadership pipeline. During this conversation, we will cover: Implementing a strong culture through leadership skills development. Building resilient teams while navigating organizational changes. Retaining top talent in […]


The Role of Leadership Development in a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy

Despite increased focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and investment in training and development programs, many companies are struggling to develop inclusive leaders and to make progress against DEI metrics such as retention and promotion of employees from underrepresented groups. During this webinar, Torch will share insights from their recent research on the importance […]


Employee-Centric Programs: U.S. Renal Care’s “All-in” Focus on First Line Manager Onboarding Experiences

Incoming employees to any organization nowadays expect a strong onboarding program whereby they are equipped with the right balance of technical and human skills needed to perform the role with excellence. In this engaging session, Adam Morettin, group vice president of learning and development, and Kelly Bush, vice president of clinical education, share how U.S. […]

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