Creating a Strong Company Culture and Future Leaders at TD Bank

Join us as we speak with Jennifer Young, Executive Vice President of Human Resources at TD Bank, about improving company culture and building the right skills for a leadership pipeline. During this conversation, we will cover: Implementing a strong culture through leadership skills development. Building resilient teams while navigating organizational changes. Retaining top talent in […]


The Role of Leadership Development in a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy

Despite increased focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and investment in training and development programs, many companies are struggling to develop inclusive leaders and to make progress against DEI metrics such as retention and promotion of employees from underrepresented groups. During this webinar, Torch will share insights from their recent research on the importance […]


Employee-Centric Programs: U.S. Renal Care’s “All-in” Focus on First Line Manager Onboarding Experiences

Incoming employees to any organization nowadays expect a strong onboarding program whereby they are equipped with the right balance of technical and human skills needed to perform the role with excellence. In this engaging session, Adam Morettin, group vice president of learning and development, and Kelly Bush, vice president of clinical education, share how U.S. […]


From Aspiration to Reality: 2022 Workforce Attitudes Toward Mental Health

With 2022 coming to a close, two things have become apparent: the importance of workforce mental health continues to elevate, and the conversation around worker’s emotional well-being is here to stay. But are you truly in tune with the realities of what employees want and need? Have your organization’s mental health efforts held steady against […]


Workforce Management in the Time of Economic Turbulence

For organizations the world over, the past years have required adaptation and flexibility. The Great Resignation and the concurrent turbulent talent market have created a hyper-competitive environment for employers trying to hire or retain talent. At the same time, signs of an economic downturn abound, and cautious leaders are starting to implement hiring freezes or […]


New Year Planning: Building a Quantitative Case for People Development Programs

Plan a stellar 2023. Deliver high-impact people development programs, align your budget to achieve your goals, and report actionable ROI. But how? Join us to learn how to leverage data to demonstrate the effectiveness of your programs. We will share real-world examples of how organizations can crack the ROI code for their people development programs. […]


2022 Breakfast Club: Spark Your Learners’ Creativity

Initially, the pandemic forced many organizations and their teams into survival mode. As time passed, however, many organizations got more creative with their solutions, products and offerings. Looking forward, what is the learning leader's role in helping to unleash people's creativity, and how can we create psychologically safe spaces where people feel safe to experiment […]

How The Metaverse Is Transforming Cohort-Based Learning

Nearly three years into a major shift to a virtual delivery model for learning programs, we’ve embraced virtual environments like Zoom and Teams. But both L&D leaders and learners have recognized the limitations of those platforms, particularly around creating a learning environment that not only feels like an in-person classroom, but also offers the flexibility […]


Transformative Conversations: Steps to Organizational Change

As a result of volatile economic conditions, business leaders are forced to implement organizational transformations to remain competitive. When leaders drive these complex transformations from the top down without asking their employees for critical feedback, they are often unsuccessful. To move forward and lead change, senior leadership must engage their workforce in conversation and discuss […]


Killing Complexity – Why Simple Wins

Why are we all so busy but feel like nothing gets done? Unproductive meetings, endless emails, and reports-for-the-sake-of-reporting aren’t the definition of meaningful work—they’re the result of complexity. Complexity is killing companies’ ability to innovate and adapt, and simplicity is fast becoming the competitive advantage of our time. With the rise of remote and hybrid […]

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