A Transformative, Skills-Based Approach to Talent Management

Talent management is on a transformative journey to align with the demands of the 21st century workplace. Identifying, acquiring, developing and retaining talent based on skills assessments and real-world competencies, as opposed to focusing solely on traditional job titles and qualifications, is a crucial element of this contemporary paradigm shift. Join Talent Management for this […]


Resilience Through Change: Talent Leaders as Change Agents

In today’s dynamic business landscape, talent leaders are positioned to hold a pivotal role as change agents. This Breakfast Club event will explore the strategies, skills and best practices that empower talent leaders to drive organizational transformation and foster a culture of innovation. Join Talent Management’s panel of expert speakers as they share their experiences […]


Using AI to Drive Equity and Diversity in High-Performing Teams

How can AI-driven tools and strategies support and advance DEI? And how can we leverage them for more inclusive talent acquisition, development and retention? Join this esteemed group of talent professionals as they explore the opportunities that AI presents to diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in today’s organizations, as well as how they are mitigating […]


Reflections and Projections: A Chief Talent Officer Roundtable

As we approach year’s end, join us for this deep dive into 2024’s most relevant lessons and takeaways for the future. This collaborative discussion among talent leaders will reflect on what they’ve learned, how they are striving for excellence in talent management in the current business landscape and, most important, what’s on the horizon for […]

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