Driven by Data: Accountability Measures for DEI Outcomes

A sustainable diversity, equity and inclusion strategy requires metrics that allow HR and talent professionals to help business leaders understand the current state of DEI within their organization, track its progress and stay accountable to established DEI goals. And yet, the 2021 Gartner Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Functional Benchmarking Survey found less than half of […]


Tapping Into Untapped Talent

2020 research from Accenture and Harvard Business School explores the phenomenon of “hidden workers,” or the millions of people who want to work and are actively seeking work, but who remain “hidden” from most businesses that would benefit from hiring them by the very processes those companies use to find talent. The research estimates there […]


The Modern Leadership Toolkit: Empathy With Accountability

Heightened levels of uncertainty, change and stress over the past few years have created the need for a new kind of leader — one who can lead with empathy while maintaining accountability. Finding a balance between empathy and accountability is critical for creating a work environment where employees can flourish. This involves setting clear boundaries […]

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