Talent Transformation: The Role of Learning in the Drive To Develop, Engage, and Retain

How can we attract, develop, engage, and retain our people? How does learning fit into the modern talent ecosystem? And, what are the learning touchpoints and pillars that really matter? Last year we brought together some of our most innovative L&D leaders to answer these questions. And together we developed a picture of the core […]


6 Essential Skills Your Team Needs To Succeed

At Section4, we've partnered with more than 150 companies to develop and retain high performers. We've found that successful L&D programs share one characteristic: FOCUS. When employees are presented with too many courses, they simply don't engage with them. Completion rates are low and impact to the business is zero. Instead, we recommend focusing on […]


How the Most Successful Brands Reframe Their Enterprise Talent Blueprint

Join our webinar on the 2023 Talent Trends where we explore the top 10 HR trends shaping talent acquisition and retention. Our research surveying 900 global HR leaders highlights a shift towards prioritizing value creation, business impact, and workforce agility. Career coaching and skilling are also critical, with a focus on closing skills gaps and […]


How Top Organizations Develop Leaders

As our expectations of leaders have expanded, so, too, must the way we develop those leaders. How are top performing organizations meeting this challenge, and what can we learn from their example? That is the question a new Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report, sponsored by Torch, sets out to answer. It explores how leadership […]


To Buy Or To Build, That Is The L&D Question

In today’s environment, L&D teams are often tasked with accomplishing more, with fewer resources. Nearly every organization needs to cut costs, yet training is still a necessity, for both mandatory topics, and retaining and investing in talent. Investing in off-the-shelf content can help L&D do more with less, but it can be hard to decide […]


Developing an Impactful Women’s Leadership Program

Inclusive organizations outperform those that are not. One of the largest groups of underrepresented leaders is women. Building a program that develops leadership acumen, empowers women leaders to exert greater influence, advocates for development of the teams they lead and promotes a culture of learning and development should be the framework for developing a women’s […]

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