Supercharge Your Learning for the Future of Work

What truly motivates today’s employees? According to LinkedIn Learning’s 2021 Workplace Learning Report, when it comes to Gen Z and younger workers in particular, it’s all about career growth. And that requires placing an emphasis on upskilling and reskilling people for the jobs they have now and the ones they will want in the future. […]


2022 Breakfast Club: Upskilling & Reskilling: What’s the ROI?

Metrics and data are paramount in helping organizations gain a deeper understanding of the impact of their L&D programs. As businesses are placing increased emphasis on upskilling and reskilling their workforce for the future of work, what should they be measuring to ensure their initiatives are having the desired impact on skill gaps?

2022 Breakfast Club: Full Speed Ahead – Winning the Race for Top Talent

In the midst of The Great Resignation and widening skill gaps, the war for talent in 2022 is real. As companies struggle to recruit job-ready employees with the required technical skills, they are being forced to rethink and streamline their hiring initiatives to ensure they get ahead in the race for top talent. But how […]


2022 Breakfast Club: Soft Skills & the Fourth Industrial Revolution

In the face of rapid technological disruption and automation, developing soft skills among the workforce has never been more important. Fueled by the pandemic, organizations are emphasizing the importance of empathy, communication skills, adaptability, active listening and other distinctly “human” skills. How are learning leaders addressing this need and what are the barriers in doing […]

2022 Breakfast Club: The Changing Face of Executive Education

COVID-19 disrupted in-person operations and forced companies to trim costs, but, according to a 2021 survey conducted by Financial Times, it has also reinforced many employers’ commitment to providing development opportunities for a broader range of their middle and senior managers. More than 25 percent of surveyed CLOs said they intend to increase their budgets […]

Close the Gap: Mapping Content to Skills Development

As we move forward into the future of work, we are presented with demand for a wide variety of skills, including disruptive technical skills, specialized industry skills, core business skills and soft skills. And with the half-life of skills currently estimated to be only four to five years (and a mere two and a half […]


2022 Breakfast Club: The Key to Enterprise Agility: A Culture of Learning

Agile companies can react faster, adapt more rapidly to meet the evolving demands of the business landscape and leverage new ideas for a competitive edge, resulting in increased innovation. A recent Deloitte study found that companies with a continuous learning culture are more than 46 percent more likely to be first to market, 36 percent […]

2022 Breakfast Club: Spark Your Learners’ Creativity

Initially, the pandemic forced many organizations and their teams into survival mode. As time passed, however, many organizations got more creative with their solutions, products and offerings. Looking forward, what is the learning leader’s role in helping to unleash people’s creativity, and how can we create psychologically safe spaces where people feel safe to experiment […]

A Marathon, Not a Sprint: Examining the DEI Journey

Over the past several years, particularly in North America, there has been a more widespread awakening to the many inequities and inequalities present in all areas of society, including our workplaces. In 2020, many organizations pledged a stronger commitment to DEI efforts and establishing an inclusive workplace culture. But these aren’t simple endeavors, and there […]


Owning the Leadership Role: Learning Leaders’ Expanding Skillsets

The upheaval and challenges of the pandemic, the move to hybrid work and the push for big upskilling and internal mobility initiatives have finally given L&D leaders the seat at the table they’ve long been seeking. They are being tasked with larger, more complicated strategic challenges, and this requires them to develop their own personal […]