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Learners & Connectivity: The Magic Behind a Comprehensive Tech User Experience

May 31, 2023 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT Free


Ironically, connectivity is the thread holding your business together. Yet, could you easily create a map of all the tools and technologies that work together to keep your business afloat? How about all the skills present (and missing) across your workforce? Or the inner workings of the skill supply and demand chain in your organization?

It might seem like complicated minutia, but it’s worth untangling. These connections are an ecosystem; one part relies on another to survive and thrive. With knowledge and dominion over your ecosystem, you can increase efficiency, enhance workforce capabilities and, in turn, create better business outcomes in the face of an ever-evolving world of work.

Explore how to tap into the power of technology to create a more holistic, seamless employee experience from onboarding to business results. You’ll learn how to:
– Connect your workforce
– Bring user experience to life
– Weave valuable learning opportunities into every stage of the employee lifecycle
– Use learning technology as hub to orchestrate integrations


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