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Leadership Transition Coaching: A Strategy to Foster a Positive Workplace Culture

July 26, 2017 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT Free


Organizations today recognize the importance of developing a strong organizational culture. According to Gallup, frontline leaders account for 70 percent of the variance between a great culture and a lousy one. However, new leaders are often promoted from within or hired into an organization with minimal direction and support, leaving new leaders to learn for themselves what it means to be a leader. When inevitable challenges arise, new leaders are often left without the support they need to survive, let alone thrive.


Since 2009, CareSource, a nonprofit managed care plan based in Dayton, Ohio, has offered new leaders a certified personal coach to proactively develop and sustain their culture. The Leadership Transition Coaching program pairs new leaders with a certified coach to help define their leadership style and facilitate a positive team culture to ensure organizational success. The program is yielding more confident new leaders and a strong return on investment for the organization.


Session participants will:


  • Explore the importance of developing and supporting new leaders in order to foster a positive culture.
  • Learn how CareSource has successfully leveraged leadership transition coaching to support the development of new leaders.
  • Identify key elements for developing a successful, sustainable internal coaching program.


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