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Here Come the Machines? How HR Leaders Think about and are Preparing for the Impact of AI & Automation on their Workforce

March 18, 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT Free


Though there is little disagreement about whether or not advances in AI and automation will affect the global economy over the next five years, the specifics of which industries will be hit the hardest and the identification of the jobs that will no longer be needed and which will be created is still unclear. To determine how organizations are preparing for the impending – though uncertain – impact of machines on their workforce, we surveyed 500 US-based HR and L&D leaders about their thoughts on AI & automation and their industries, organizations, and employees. Results include data related to the predicted displacement of workers in various sectors and differently-sized organizations and the steps – if any – that companies are taking to prepare. These findings are examined in the context of other research exploring the views of workers themselves and their expectations for employers.

Learning Objectives

Gain an understanding of the ways in which AI and automation are believed to impact different industries and organizations of various sizes
Examine how organizations are addressing the integration of new technologies
Discuss strategies for displaced employees and the logic behind upskilling strategies in advance


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