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Building Strong Leaders: Key Elements of a Successful Leadership Development Program

February 20 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST Free


Investing in the growth and development of your leaders can have a major impact on your organization’s success and wellbeing. From empowering and nurturing current leaders to cultivating a strong bench of emerging leaders, BizLibrary’s 2024 Trends in Training and Development Survey shows leadership development to be a top challenge that many organizations are facing.

The good news is that today’s workforce is motivated to learn. In fact, according to a recent study, 49% of employees say they want to advance their skills within the next year, and nearly 70% of frontline leaders express interest in developing their leadership skills.

As leaders grow and learn new skills, your organization will see an improved company culture, healthier client relationships, stronger decision making, and higher levels of employee engagement.

Join Taylor Schreck, Client Account Executive at BizLibrary, as she shares her insights and advice on building a successful leadership development program that will last. Drawing on her own experiences in creating leadership programs and consulting with clients to implement, sustain and grow programs of their own, she’ll discuss:

● Key elements of a successful leadership development program.
● Ensuring your leadership program starts off strong right out of the gate.
● Innovative ways to use technology to bring your program to the next level.
● Gathering feedback and utilizing data to determine the effectiveness and impact.


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