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5 Ways to Become a Great Virtual Communicator and Leader

August 5, 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT Free


Did you ever play the game of “telephone” as a kid? As the initial phrase gets told to each person, the original meaning tends to get jumbled and the end result is not what was intended. 2020 has been a constant game of telephone for many organizations. As we continue to find our footing in the new world of remote work and lean on virtual communication devices as our primary source of communication between our employees, leadership, and clients, it’s important that we are continually developing our own communication skills. Improving our virtual communication is just one step to becoming a strong virtual leader.

Join Director of Talent Development & Culture at BizLibrary, Libby Mullen, as we candidly discuss the following things:

How to create a training program that can help employees build skills in virtual communication, productivity, agility, and resiliency
Ways to become a great virtual leader
Strategies to improve communication from top-down and bottom-up


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