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12 Second Culture: How to Operate Like a Nascar Pit Crew

April 26, 2022 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT Free


With speed being the new currency of business, it is important now, more than ever, to operate like the most efficient team in the country — a NASCAR pit crew. However, increased speed is not all about process — it is about elevating people over process and inspiring human brilliance. So, how do we build high-functioning teams where each contributor has the ability and willingness to manage his or her own time — and his or her own learning? Join Mike Metcalf and Shaun Peet, co-founders of DECK Leadership (Diversity, Efficiency, Culture, Kindness), as they deliver an authentic message about what we can accomplish when we work together. Taking their 30+ years of coaching NASCAR pit crews, Mike and Shaun draw unexpected parallels between creating and maintaining a high functioning team in their pit crew department and creating a culture of high functioning teams within business.


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