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Saba Talent Template

Saba delivers a cloud-based Intelligent Talent Management solution used by leading organizations worldwide to hire, develop, engage and inspire their people. Intelligent Talent Management uses machine learning to offer proactive, personalized recommendations on candidates, connections and content to help your employees and organization lead and succeed.

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Building a Shield Against Pay Discrimination Claims

To combat both the complexity and the reality of risk in today’s workforce compliance environment, particularly when it comes to issues of compensation equity, employers can take two important steps: understanding the current regulatory landscape and taking advantage of compliance solutions and expertise.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: How to Maximize Corporate Training ROI

Companies can maximize the ROI on training if they modernize old training programs by reducing the amount of unnecessary or redundant content, reusing instructionally sound content, and recycling content with an eye towards improving and modernizing its design.

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