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The Recruitment Revolution

The Recruitment Revolution

Jump Starting Your Recruitment Efforts

September 12, 2011
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Few people outside the recruitment arena understand how difficult it is to find the right candidate (or candidates, depending upon your needs).  Many factors go into determining who makes the cut. It’s not just a matter of posting your opening on the nearest and largest job board. An organization needs to brand itself and turn each and every employee in their organization into a talent spotter.

What steps does your company take to ensure you are finding the right individuals?  Some that I have used, seen or heard of:

  • Use websites, social media and community volunteer work to help raise the awareness of your organization and what it stands for. Figure out what differentiates the organization from your competitors and let the world know about you through an easy-to-use website so you can attract the right people.
  • Identify colleges across the nation that have programs to prepare your future workforce. Send recruiters out to talk to the instructors and students about opportunities you have (even when you don’t have them). Encourage employee involvement in alumni associations so students can make the connection with what you do and what types of employees you hire.
  • Find out who your closest competitors are. Use resume database searches to target individuals who previously worked for those companies and give them a call.
  • Ask applicants you talk to who may not be interested at the moment (for whatever reason) if they have the name of someone who is looking for work and would be interested. Call that referral!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the references you are calling if they are looking for work. You’re already telling them a little bit about the company when you conduct your reference check.
  • Create an employee referral bonus program. It does not require that your organization spend a lot of money. The reward can be as simple as a company logo item (shirt, mug, etc.), tickets to movie theater or recognition in front of their peers.
  • Communicate with your employees about current openings and your employee referral program. Make sure you follow up on those referrals no matter what level the referral came from. Even if you do not hire them, the fact that you called the referral will get others to refer.

What ideas have you implemented to help fill your open positions?

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