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The Recruitment Revolution

The Recruitment Revolution

Innovators Like Steve Jobs Make Recruiters' Job Easy

October 13, 2011
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With the recent passing of Steve Jobs, I find my thoughts returning to how Jobs and his innovations have not only changed the way we live our lives, but also how it permanently altered the way we source candidates.

Jobs' ability to think outside of the box and refine technology has allowed people of all ages to embrace technology and connect with others quickly and easily. As I graduated college in the late '90s and entered the workforce, the ease of use of email had not been fully refined. Upon entering the workforce in an administrative capacity, I worked for many managers who saw the computer as a status symbol and required that I print up emails and process items on the computer on their behalf.

In the brief decade or so since I graduated, technology has morphed and thankfully created a world that is very different. Those same senior managers who had me print emails are now using smartphones, know how to create and maneuver around spreadsheets, Word documents, etc. This is partially due to Steve Jobs' ability to think outside the box and refine technology. The creation of computers that function as touch screen hand-held phones and easy-to-use applications gives recruiters a unique ability to connect with the right candidates. The use of Facetime and Skype on phones allows recruiters to connect with candidates who are opening up an entire demographic of individuals across the globe who are looking to relocate and who were previously impossible to locate.

Recruiting has always been and will continue to be all about networking and connecting with individuals. The creation of apps for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter has made it easy for anyone to log in and connect with us. Apps are available that allow recruiters to know that a candidate they’ve been conversing with is out running errands in the same vicinity as the recruiter. Suddenly, the recruiter can make that personal connection and check in on the candidate. The savvy recruiter can attend meetings and conferences using his or her iPhone or other smartphones to gather electronic business cards without having to fumble around in bags or pockets for business cards. Taking a few minutes to send a text message, email or make a quick call and connect with that candidate allows recruiters the ability to highlight how candidates are no longer just a number. Connections like these make a lasting impression. Recruiting 24/7 is actually possible now.

All of this advancement would not have been possible without outside-the-box thinkers like Jobs. His meticulous attention to detail and innovative spirit have not only changed how we view our world, but have made the recruiter’s role much easier. We should all take a few moments to bow our head and give a heartfelt thanks to this man who has made the technologically savvy recruiter shine.

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