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The Recruitment Revolution

The Recruitment Revolution

How to Convince Your Company to Embrace Recruitment Technology

September 26, 2011
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Most large corporations are cautious about diving into new technological trends.  They first want the return on investment (ROI) to be proven to them before they are willing to dip their toe into the water.  Only in the past few years have we seen the majority of corporations embrace the fact that Web presence matters, and your company website had better look professional and be easy to navigate if you want to find talent and clients.  Technology now allows for individuals to move across country for employment opportunities that they once would never have known existed.  This gives organizations that are not afraid of cross pollinating into social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.) an edge.  If talent doesn’t know you exist, how can they apply for opportunities you have to fill?

So, how do recruiters convince the powers-that-be that their Web presence needs to be larger and more diversified to help lead candidates to their doorstep?

  • Identify how far and how quickly your organization is willing to wade into the waters.  Senior management is typically wary of new and emerging trends.  Going too quickly or too far can result in the loss of any ability to implement new strategies.
  • Formulate a plan and find examples of how using this technology has helped your competitors and organizations in other industries.  Nothing like showing senior management that they have missed out on top talent because they would not wade into the ocean.
  • Build a network with other recruiters so they can find examples of successful recruitment and staffing.  Having a strong network will not only give you case studies to bring back to your management team, it can also give you some leads on top talent.
  • Talk to operational leaders in other organizations and industries. Ask them what their company strategy is and how they were convinced to implement these strategies.  Use that insight to help build your case.  People love to talk about their company's successes!
  • Build your case by finding champions within the organization who agree with your approach.  Hearing the same message from multiple sources will give your case credence.  The power of an operational champion should not be overlooked.  Choose wisely though!  You need someone whose voice will be heard.
  • Find champions within industry associations who will also aid your cause. Senior management spends time talking with competitors, clients and attending industry organizational meetings.  CEOs are very concerned with finding talent, and if they hear that others in the industry have found success they will want to implement those tactics.

Putting together and implementing a plan involves a great deal of research and networking.  You can’t do it alone.  The key to your success is finding the right internal champion and knowing how far into the technology waters your organization is willing to wade.

Let us know what your efforts here have been and what successes you've seen.

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