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From the Editors

Sharks and Data

November 4, 2011
Related Topics: Strategy and Management

I spent a few fun days in partly sunny Orlando, Fla., at the SHL LINK Conference. Naturally the topic of the day/hour focused on assessments, but the general theme seemed to be that the level of data organizations have access to, and need, is rising rapidly. Some of us are already hip - we’re practically drowning under a deluge of information from multiple sources - but for HR leaders, recruiters especially, that rapid fire, rapidly accumulating mountain of data can mean the difference between a good or bad hire, a rock-star performer and a disengaged drain on organizational resources.

Practitioners from Tiffany & Co., The Body Shop, Time Warner, General Mills and others discussed the  need to constantly educate their HR peers on the value of assessments – to view them as a process, not a project. They also talked about the importance of not just gathering the right type of analytic data, but using that data to actually make decisions on a range of talent challenges, including identifying high-potential leadership talent earlier, ensuring employee fit and making the recruiting process more efficient from end to end.

It wasn’t all talent analytics and key performance indicators though. Last night we "swam with the sharks." OK, we just watched the sharks and stingrays swimming by through the walls of Sharks Underwater Grill at SeaWorld, but it appeared a great time was had by all.


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