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Special Report: Assessments and Measurement

As assessments see use in more talent management processes, using them strategically has become crucial to remaining competitive.

December 1, 2011
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How’s Your Talent Doing?

Ladan Nikravan

Assessments are expanding beyond the pre-hire arena into succession management and talent development, and will soon offer leaders on-demand analytics capability.

Assessing for Succession Development

Frank Kalman

Talent managers, eager to find new ways to measure talent — the engine to grow business — have taken a liking to assessments as a leadership development tool.

Analytics on Demand

Eugene Burke

The right talent analytics could be a game-changer for companies that understand the importance of workforce data and how to apply it to get bottom-line results.

My Adventures in Personality Testing

Dan Bowling

Millions of people in the workplace take one of a variety of personality tests every year. Talent Management blogger Dan Bowling shares some of his own adventures with these tests.

Measuring the Success of an On-Boarding Program

Frank Kalman

Low employee turnover and high engagement levels bode well in measuring the success of an on-boarding program. But, in the end, a new hire's success is rooted in production and nothing else, writes Talent Management blogger Frank Kalman.

Measurement Isn’t Enough to Change Performance

Aubrey Daniels

Conducting measurement to help the organization improve without consideration of the benefits to the performer is useless, says Talent Management blogger Aubrey Daniels.

Want Your Voice to Be Heard? Speak the Language of Business

Jac Fitz-enz

Talent leaders who don’t have an aptitude for measurement must harness this skill to get on the same wavelength as other key business players.

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