HR Spending on the Rise

Company spending on human resources per employee increased from 2012 to 2013, according to a new HR trends report.
  • Leanne Chase

    Aubrey –

    My problem with “earning the privilege” is how do new hires come in? I worked in a Rowe from the age of 24-35. Then switched jobs and went into cubeland. After “earning the privilege” I went on a flexible arrangement (still not ROWE) only to have it taken away thanks to the poor behavior of others in the same situation. When I went to look for a new job, no one would hire me flexibly – nor would they give me a trial/project period. I am 45 with an exemplary work record and am not interested in “earning the privilege” again. I’m happy to trial it for a company and come in if it doesn’t work for them or trial in the office for a 3-month period…but not be hired under a nebulous – “maybe, if you earn it” mode. And I am not alone.


  • Michael D. Haberman, SPHR

    One of the issues with the concept of ROWE is that people think that it is applicable to everyone, it is not. It is not just the retail type of position that it doesn’t work for, it is ALL non-exempt positions. Why? Because the FLSA requires that employees in non-exempt positions TRACK THEIR TIME. That is counter to the basic premise of ROWE. The Department of Labor doesn’t care whether a non-exempt employee is productive and producing results. They require companies to pay for TIME worked. You are supposed to take care of lack of productivity by discipline and termination. The only positions that can truly be ROWE positions are exempt positions and many companies lose sight of this.

    • Jody Thompson

      Michael – a ROWE is about results. Period. And everyone that has a job needs to be crystal clear about measurable results – whether your a bus driver, school teacher, childcare provider, call center employee or office worker. And a ROWE is legal and radical at the same time. It breaks no laws as hourly non-exempt employees track time in a ROWE. A ROWE is applicable to everyone. THAT’S what people don’t get. They lump it into a flexible, work from home program which it’s not. Hope you’ll pick up our book ‘Why Managing Sucks and How to Fix It’.

      • Michael D. Haberman, SPHR

        Thanks Jody. Most of what I have read has always tied ROWE the concept that work hours don’t matter, just results. I will take a look at your book.

  • Jody Thompson

    A ROWE is not a work from home program or a management delegation program. Joly doesn’t get it, and neither do you, I’m afraid.

  • Beth A Miller, CMC

    I agree that effective leadership along with job responsibilities and the individual’s level of intrinsic motivators are the components to successfully working remotely. When a company focuses on “results only” there will be those employees who figure out the loop holes and get the results but may leave behind them a lot of damage. Being focused on results only can have it’s negatives which is why leadership is critical.