Moving Beyond Command and Control

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  • LVS

    I think this is why Duckworth, at the end of her TED Education talk, says that the best model she’s seen for teaching grit is Carol Dweck’s growth mindset – that it is about learning ,it is about improvement and it is about small steps to mastery / success. Duckworth doesn’t talk about “failing”, which seems to be an outcome, but rather talks about the process of how the success happens. Is it by happenstance, innate talent or luck? If so, then it’s unlikely that, with that sort of positive reinforcement over time, the child is likely to become gritty.

  • “When positive reinforcement is embedded in the trying, hard becomes easier, exciting and exhilarating.”

    Good point. Of course you don’t want your team to fail. Businesses can’t stay open if every endeavor failed. The point is to not let failure stop you in your tracks, and to learn how hard work can be uncomfortable and painful but it’s worth it in the end.